10 01 2012

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be releasing the sourcecode to several of my old projects, including webwidget and nanoplayer soon. As I don’t do Windows any more the code will be released as-is under the GPL v3 license.

The code will be published on my website, as soon as I manage to package it properly.


A call to arms

4 01 2012

bC-ng need more developers in order to take off. Since I have dropped Windows there is a need for people with win32-skills to develop the Windows-specific parts.

The plan right now is to build abstractions for win32 as well as x11 and then make the shell platform- agnostic.

If you think you could be of assistance, throw me a comment and make sure to include your email address.


15 10 2011

It’s been a while since I have updated this blog, but it’s about time. The reason is as I have written earlier that I am currently using Linux rather than Windows, and thus development of a Windows shell is a bit far off for me.

However… I have been approached by Pitkon and asked to join in and help bring bb4win back on the map, and the way I can imagine doing this is by picking up bbClean-ng again, pretty much where I left off. This includes making it compile natively on both Windows and Linux, by abstracting the API enough to allow for native code to do the magic voodoo while the actual shell is oblivious about what is underneath. Creating this bridge could help unite the *boxes and take the concept to the next level.

The only thing that is working against me there is the fact that Xfce is awesome enough to use and enjoy. But then again, writing a cross platform shell/wm is definitely a challenge worth taking on.

So, who would like to contribute?

Dead or not dead?

2 07 2010

I’m sorry for letting this blog linger as long as it has. As I am a multi-tinkerer none of my projects really are dead. That’s the up side πŸ™‚

The downside is I have switched to Linux as the (d)evolution of Windows really did nothing besides pissing me off, Β and as I don’t have a Windows build system any more, development has kind of stopped.

All the source code is still available, and I do not mind helping out and assisting if someone else is interested in taking over the code writing duties. The alternative would be to rewrite it as a truly platform independent shell replacement.

Drop me a line if any of this sounds interesting πŸ™‚

bbTK in bbClean-ng

10 12 2008

This morning I’ve done some poking around with the multi monitor functionality. There are quite a few things about bbClean that annoys me when it comes to the multi monitor aspect, such as windows on the secondary display not being listed in the leanbar and how activity takes place on the display with the focused window. bbClean-ng will definitely have more powerful multi monitor support than the previous versions.

I also did the first attempt at linking bbTK with bbClean-ng, as in just spawning a window on the desktop. Right now, no widgets whatsoever are implemented, so the window looks a bit dull and boring, but at least the window spawning works πŸ™‚

bbClean-ng and bbTK

bbClean-ng and bbTK

Left to do now for the support libraries is essentially to wrap the rendering code up in bRender, add the widgets to bbTK, and then start putting the pieces together.

If anybody is interested in giving us a hand with either of these parts, drop me a mail or so, and I will get back to you πŸ™‚

bbtk and brender

15 10 2008

I just commited the initial version of bbtk to the repository. I also moved the brender folder into the libs folder, the same as for bbtk, and there’s a good reason for this.

Both bbtk and brender are supposed to be somewhat independent. Obviously, bbtk will depend on brender, but these two modules will be built as standalone linkable modules. This will allow a developer to write an application or a plugin using bbtk to create and manage the UI, while depending on brender to paint the UI in the system style, or (in the case of the application running completely standalone) a custom style.

bbtk is progressing quite well. The current code for bbtk compiles both as a static and a dynamic library, and the test code makes use of both these to build two applications; one that uses the statically linked library, and one that uses the dynamic one (make sure to copy bbtk.dll to the test folder after building it for this version to work). No widgets or events are in there yet, but in time it will support a fully custom rendered interface with arrangement components and those lovely *box styles.

The goal is to have the new leanbar based on bbtk, but as the library might not be fully developed by the time the first milestone is released there’s no guarantee that it will be included in this.

I do however have some concept art that I will post here soon. It just needs a bit of additional work.

Repository moved from SourceForge

28 09 2008

The changes that SourceForge has made to their design lately added with the utter slowness of the site and the repositories, we decided to move the entire project to a Trac site, running on Apache with SVN and Doxygen support.

This should hopefully give us a better platform for maintaining the project.

That also means that the tracker has been moved.

The new address us