Dead or not dead?

2 07 2010

I’m sorry for letting this blog linger as long as it has. As I am a multi-tinkerer none of my projects really are dead. That’s the up side 🙂

The downside is I have switched to Linux as the (d)evolution of Windows really did nothing besides pissing me off,  and as I don’t have a Windows build system any more, development has kind of stopped.

All the source code is still available, and I do not mind helping out and assisting if someone else is interested in taking over the code writing duties. The alternative would be to rewrite it as a truly platform independent shell replacement.

Drop me a line if any of this sounds interesting 🙂




3 responses

3 07 2010

thanks for the update even if it is that bad…
Linux is a good choice, i drive both OSs at the time. I hope someone will pick this up. I cant, because unfortunately i have no skills in C++.
Good luck with your next projects!


3 07 2010

I keep my fingers crossed too. I really wish I could keep developing it, but the lack of a Windows setup effectively blocks that.

If you are interested in some of my other projects, I’m running a podcast aggregator at and am currently trying to learn SDL and OpenGL building a game engine at to list a few. If you want an invitation key for podhub, just let me know 🙂

I am still pretty darn interested in writing a fully portable bbClean, cherrypicking the best of Xfce, Gnome, KDE and bb4win. With the proper abstraction this shouldn’t be too hard, although I doubt I could pull that off on my own. So until some additional developers decide to join in, I don’t see much happening with this idea. (yes, that was a subtle hint to spread the word and find interested developers) :p

5 07 2010

Hmm… just out of curiosity, what would you say is the most uptodate version of BBClean available? I was kinda hoping to see this version come out, but alas. Guess not I’m currently using bbClean 1.16, is there a newer similar version?
anywho, I’m also heading down the “Why am I not using Linux?” path, but until then, bb4win all the way!
p.s. Good luck with your projects!

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