bbTK in bbClean-ng

10 12 2008

This morning I’ve done some poking around with the multi monitor functionality. There are quite a few things about bbClean that annoys me when it comes to the multi monitor aspect, such as windows on the secondary display not being listed in the leanbar and how activity takes place on the display with the focused window. bbClean-ng will definitely have more powerful multi monitor support than the previous versions.

I also did the first attempt at linking bbTK with bbClean-ng, as in just spawning a window on the desktop. Right now, no widgets whatsoever are implemented, so the window looks a bit dull and boring, but at least the window spawning works 🙂

bbClean-ng and bbTK

bbClean-ng and bbTK

Left to do now for the support libraries is essentially to wrap the rendering code up in bRender, add the widgets to bbTK, and then start putting the pieces together.

If anybody is interested in giving us a hand with either of these parts, drop me a mail or so, and I will get back to you 🙂




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13 12 2008

Awesome work guys!
Can’t wait for the day this gets released.
I always wanted Unicode support for blackbox.

13 12 2008

bbClean-NG as well as bbTK will be available in both Unicode and ANSI versions, currently it’s set to compile the Unicode version, but compiling as ANSI should only be about changing a line in the makefile 🙂

29 04 2009


4 05 2009

Nopes, just progressing very slowly 🙂

11 05 2009

Good! I feel crippled whenever I use a compy without BBclean on it. Super useful. So if there’s better faster harder stronger version of BBClean in the works, well. awesome.

can’t wait!

29 05 2009

I am super eager to get this badboy on my machine. If I subscribe to the inactive notification feed, will it ‘become active’?

Hope things are going well with the project.


8 10 2009

1 year + no posts = dead.

14 04 2010

Uh…….. still progressing?

2 07 2010

Is it dead now?

2 07 2010

I have written a post explaining the slow progression of the project. Please go have a read on the front page 🙂

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